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Individual 24 X 12

Abbey Rose Bronze Marker/W Vase
Abbey Rose Design signifies Love, Wisdom and Purity.
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Arc of Tribute Bronze Marker W/Vase
A Contemporary design permitting a choice of personal expression.
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Castle Rose Bronze Marker W/Vase
Indicating Strength, Love of Life and Stability.
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Dynasty Serenity Bronze Marker W/Vase
The Timeless Geometric Pattern Eloquently Signifies Dignity.
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Evergreen Bronze Marker W/Vase
Representing Love of Nature and the Great Outdoors.
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Gothic Bronze Marker W/Vase
Representing Piety, Heavenly Gardens, Eternity and Humanity.
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Ivy Bronze Marker W/Vase
Symbolizing Immortality, friendship and Compassion.
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Maple Leaf Bronze Marker W/Vase
Expresses Hope and Promise.
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Simplicity Bronze Marker W/Vase
Represents Unadorned Honesty and Simplicy.
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Tea Rose Bronze Marker W/Vase
Signifies Spiritual Bliss and God's Heavenly Grace.
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